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The quality and variety of housing options in Humboldt is a positive asset for the community. Prospective buyers will enjoy a wide range of housing opportunities. The economic condition of the area has allowed homeowners to confidently invest resources to maintain and add to the area's housing stock.

Eagle Ridge Addition
Eagle Ridge Map

Several subdivisions have been developed in the area over the past five years that offer spacious lots starting at as low as $15,000. Local builders declare that a very comfortable home can be built on your lot for $150 per square foot. Personal preference will determine the final cost of the home.

There have been over 50 residential lots developed in the City of Humboldt over the past few years. The 7th Avenue South housing addition is the most recent development, with 8 houses being built for sale starting in 2014.  The Eagle Ridge Addition features 23 spacious lots in close proximity to the region’s work places and shopping. Willow Ridge, another recent addition, contains 20 picturesque lots ranging in size from one to two acres. Desirable lots in both of these developments, as well as others, are available for sale.

The Humboldt City Council offers a residential tax abatement program for new home construction in most areas. The first $75,000 of value is abated for property taxes on new home construction for five years after the construction is 100% complete. More information can be obtained by contacting the Humboldt City Clerk's Office.

Humboldt offers another quality housing option through the availability of several quality older homes. A four bedroom established home located in a peaceful neighborhood could be acquired for as little as $90,000. When compared to the price of homes in metropolitan areas, home ownership in Humboldt can be quite a bargain. In addition to providing a variety of housing opportunities, Humboldt also offers secure neighborhoods and a wide spectrum of quality services including excellent schools, quality streets, and active civic organizations.

A variety of rental opportunities currently exist, including single-family homes that have been converted to apartments. Several new apartment units have been constructed in recent years. Most of these units have been constructed in close proximity to Humboldt's downtown. This allows occupants to easily access financial institutions, grocery stores, clothing stores, restaurants, and other products and services offered by our local merchants.

Humboldt also offers several housing options for senior citizens. One such development, Humboldt Homes, offers quality senior housing in close proximity to the Humboldt County Memorial Hospital. Several townhouse and condominium units are also available at diverse locations in the community. The most recent housing development for seniors is the Springvale Senior Living Center which is a 33-unit complex that is attached to the Humboldt County Memorial Hospital. Springvale Senior Living Center offers a unique living experience providing a continuum of services emphasizing choice and security.



Please feel free to contact one of our local Realtors for more information. 
The following is a list of Realtors located in the City of Humboldt:

Thompson Real Estate & Insurance
(515) 332-5530

Humboldt Realty
(515) 332-1332

Growthland Realty & Appraisal
(515) 332-1863

Smith Realty
(515) 332-1071

Springvale Senior Living
(515) 332-4500 

USDA Rural Development Housing
(515) 332-4411 

Humboldt County Multiple Listing Service



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