(ISSA) Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Nutrition Consultant – in progress

About Fonda:

After having my second child I decided I had to make changes with my life. I was overweight, suffering from migraines and depression.  Time for myself was the last thing I thought I could afford.  After working with a personal trainer for a few short weeks I experienced dramatic changes. 

Since that time, I worked to become a certified personal trainer to help myself and others enjoy a fuller life by living a healthier balanced lifestyle.  I have been blessed to have clients of all ages and physical abilities.  My goal is to work with each person where they are currently, developing a plan and program that fits their ability and needs. 

My client’s range in age from 4 to 74.  I have helped many clients with special needs such as cancer, hip dysphasia, scoliosis, hip and knee replacements and Parkinson’s.  By accessing their needs and developing programs for them they can function at higher level with less pain, giving them the freedom to enjoy family and friends.  

I look forward to learning about your needs and helping you find the path that is right for you.


Fonda took me where I was and my life has changed.  I was overweight and had very little endurance.  I work once a week with Fonda and during the rest of the week, she has written workout plans to follow.  I go to the gym four to five days a week, click the app on my phone with the workout and go to work.  There are days I am not motivated to go yet I look at my results, I realize how far I have come.


Hardest thing I ever did in my life, the day I walked into that gym, someone who has been overweight most of her life. A gym and a personal trainer can be extremely intimidating and scary! I started at first with two days a week, and now worked my way to three days to date. Who can put a price on good health?

-Susan Allen

When I was only 38, I discovered that I had Cardiomyopathy caused by a Virus. I had a tough couple of years being on bed rest, getting a pacemaker, regulating my medicines, and fearing my heart’s capabilities. As I started to feel better, I wanted to get moving again.

Fonda has extensive knowledge of personal training, understands the power of motivation, and works with me as a whole person. She uses diverse training methods to individualize each workout for me and adapts easily to any changes in my mental, emotional, or physical attitude.


I have had both my hips replaced, one shoulder fully replaced, scoliosis, arthritis in most major joints, lower back extruded discs in the L4 and L5 and more recently diagnosed as having Parkinson’s. At this time, I am symptom free.

She reassures, as well as monitors, the activity level of her clients. I am more than pleased to have Fonda as a Physical Trainer. Her value far exceeds any costs.

-Roger McCullough