Humboldt Help Out is now LIVE!

The City of Humboldt is launching Humboldt Help Out powered by SeeClickFix, a resident reporting tool for all its residents!  The digital new tools like a desktop and mobile app closes the communication gap between residents and the city government.

Residents can now report neighborhood issues like illegal dumping, graffiti, potholes, broken signs, and more, with photos, videos, descriptions, and automatic geolocation.  Once an issue is reported, the resident will be kept in the loop about progress on fixing it.

Humboldt is joining an emerging network of SeeClickFix partner cities in Iowa, which already includes cities like Mason City and Fort Dodge.  By using SeeClickFix, the resident can now be kept in the loop on the City's response to the issues they report. - Travis Goedken, City Administrator

The City hopes to increase engagement with a broader base of residents while providing a better service experience.  By inviting Humboldt residents to engage more actively in issues that matter to them, the local government will be able to increase transparency as well as internal efficiency.  The new tools will not only allow residents to engage more easily, but will help City Hall improve its operations from the inside out.  With these new tools, residents and government can work together towards an even better Humboldt and a better Iowa.

Download the app for iPhone or Android.